2-prong tracking for Unique Projects - 1 project management and 2 form submissions for subcontracts

Good afternoon, I just signed up, but while I wait for “Request a demo”, I thought I’d inquire to the community. I work with a real estate development organization that also is a general contractor on some of our projects. We have about 5-10+ projects running simultaneously and while they’re all unique/different, would love to track them in one dashboard.

The first prong is your run of the mill project management interaction… create/assign tasks, subtasks, deadlines, comments etc.

The second prong is contract tracking, per Project. I envision having some of our end users (Construction Managers) submit a form (created in Coda) for “New Subcontractor Request”, which would ask a series of questions, which would then submit results to email (while retaining them in Coda) to Project Engineers, to start compiling the contracts. This secondary prong would be tracking each subcontractor’s contract term timeline in conjunction with the overall project.

For the subcontractor form, I wasn’t sure if I should start creating a vendor database/spreadsheet first, so when the contractor form is created, we avoid entry errors of open text fields, since we generally work with 80% of existing vendors (drop-down menu), but have the ability to “Add new vendor” (not sure if the new vendor is added within the contractor form or if workflow in Coda is limited to where you add new vendor as a prerequisite).