A listening dashboard template

I use Coda to manage my clients, projects and tasks, to track my finance, and to arrange my creative portflio.
This is a little something I did on the side.
I find it the most constructive way to enjoy music, or any other sound, while working.


The Coda Radio doc is actually more of a concept than a template.

  • Organize all your listening links and embeds in one doc.
  • Switch easilly between station and playlists

Feel free to copy, customize, and use: https://ikef.me/codaradio.


Hey @Ronen_Mayer this is great! Have you found a way to use a Coda action to make it play?

Great collection!

A bit different, but here’s an outstanding doc by @Phil_Hamilton-Schmidt in case you haven’t seen it :slight_smile:

Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk - yes I did come across, and was impressed by it. I really want to be able to fire sounds based on Coda actions. The closest I’ve seen the community come is to open a new auto play tab with OpenWindow() … being able to fire a chime or play a song based off of actions would really take things to the next level! :slight_smile: