A note of thanks, a disclaimer for glitch/bug/omission reporting, comment on pricing

Really liking Coda :heart_eyes:, it blows notion and airtable away, and gives me a similar power to AppScripts in Google Sheets without building all the low level functionality myself.

I will quickly become a power user I imagine, so my bug and glitch reports, pointing out of omissions, and suggestion will flow a lot faster than any praise… This isn’t reflective of my general opinion of Coda, just a desired to see a better product.

On pricing, it seems I will be punished up to team plan quickly, it would be great to see a Single-Editor and Viewer (1 account only) package with cross-doc, automation quotas, restrictions lifted. The lone user is the one that will be pushing it into companies once they have mastered it for the personal conquests, the limits on the free plan seem far too low too support this view, just my 2cent.