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Hi Maria,

I m trying to create a template to manage my inventory in a restaurent,

I really dont know where to start, if you could give me a hint :slight_smile:



Love this idea @Thomas_Gonzalez! We have this inventory template (it’s for bikes) but I think the core concept will help.

EDIT - Also definitely check out Hudson Henry Granola’s template for inventory!

The core steps:

  1. Create a table with all of your inventory items
  2. Add a table for “Running Low”
  3. Add buttons to check items in and out

Keep us posted with how we can help!

Curious to know - what kind of restaurant do you have? I’m feeling hungry :slight_smile:



Hi Thomas and Maria…I’m also working on small restaurant inventory and website. I think that this can actually help me do both. Am I right with that feeling?



Hi @Derin_Tolu - definitely! Share more about what you need, and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.



well I got the website in wordpress for now. I have the entire inventory on a spreadsheet which I uploaded and through CSV to create posts, but I think there is a better way to do this where the info would be pulling from a single source, therefore always updated, even allowing online ordering and being all connecting through a single database. I Just don’t have a clue where to start.



Hi @Derin_Tolu,

I recoemmend starting with outlining what your ideal process would look like. This is will make sure you know what you need to build. Just hearing the basics, I would recommend:

  1. Have a Coda doc that is your entire inventory
  2. Connect it to your Wordpress site with Zapier so people can post requests that populate a request table
  3. You can then triage your list of requests

We’re happy to dig in more!