About the Welcome - Start Here! category

Thank you for checking out the Coda Community! If you’re not sure where/how to get started, this is the place.

You’ll find help topics in this category on how to use make the most of a forum. These will be along the lines of how to post a new topic, where to search for solutions, and how to use the forum features.

Coda Basics - is a category for covering some of the basics around getting started with Coda. Maybe it’s your first time adding a button, or want to know why the formula builder has some things in colors and others not, this is the place where all questions are welcome.

Starter Exercises - is the place to try some examples and to get your feet wet with some Coda challenges. Some of these we also use for our new hire onboarding! They’re fun and creative uses of Coda that will help you to better understand how various features work. And hopefully these will spur some new ideas and inspire you to create even more.

Coda is for everyone! There are no questions too small and there are no ideas too wild. We’re here to help and excited to start building with you!