Accessing Doc ID in Pack code (deprecation)

Not sure this is the best place to discuss. I have noticed the docId param InvocationLocation - Coda Pack SDK is marked for deprecation. How final is this decision? Reason being that I am using it in the development of a pack, and although its removal doesn’t jeopardize the pack functionality completely, it still degrades the UX. It would require users to manually input the URL of the doc instead.

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As far as I know, the decision is final. The idea is that pack code should not have access to anything that wasn’t explicitly provided by the user for privacy reasons.

Although I don’t know exactly what privacy compromises it opens if the doc ID is available to the pack. If the doc isn’t shared for view, the pack dev won’t do much with that ID anyway, and if it’s shared there may be worse actors than pack devs who’d try to access it for some benefit.

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I do know that a number of Packs are relying on this field today, so I think if we were to remove it in the future it would need to be done fairly carefully and with some advanced warning.