Accounting Application

I am managing a complicated system of accounts and would like to get some advice about how to best organize a coda for these accounts so that individuals can get monthly updates about their accounts.

I am interested in using this because it can automate a lot of monthly emails and potentially save some headache.

How would you structure a coda to operate like an accounting platform with multiple accounts where every month money will go and end out of the account? We are taking out a an administrative fee (a % of money coming in every month) and I want individuals to get an email each month about how much is in the account an how much came out and where it went to.

Theoretically possible but if your client’s are expecting auditable records for tax or reporting purposes I seriously recommend using actual accounting software, there’s lot of well priced cloud only options these days. A coda doc is not locked down enough. Your doc may also be too esoteric if a client leaves you. Debits and Credits are still king in accounting. If you are legitimate advisor go with the practice version of something like Xero or Quickbooks, you can manage multiple clients centrally. Use coda for adhoc reporting like budgeting or planning. Leave the accounting in a purpose built general ledger. Since you are using coda I’m presuming you are a builder, investigate some of these projects if you are looking to build your own accounting package for free