Add bookmark to a view instead of a table

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Question: how can I bookmark a link to a view. It seems it only allows by now to a table?

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Hi @thomas_raizedai !

You should be able to hover over a table (or view!) title, click the vertical 3-dot “kebab” menu and then choose “Copy link” to get a link to a table view.

Screen Capture on 2022-06-15 at 11-04-34

You can then use this URL anywhere else in your docs, email, etc. to land users directly on the View. Note that sometimes it may take a few seconds for the link to first take a user to the doc, and then to the view.

If you’re looking to link to a View within a doc, you should be able to use the “@” character to pull up a list of reference-able objects–including tables & views (as well as pages, people, etc.) In the example above, I could type @View of Candy Breakdown to reference the view elsewhere in my doc.

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I meant something different :sweat_smile: see screenshot.

The only option I have is to add a bookmark to a table (SELECT TABLE)

Oh gosh, of course! Sorry I completely neglected to consider the Chrome Extension Bookmarker!

I believe this is working as intended.

If you only want to see the link in a VIEW of a table, the secret is to add a column to the main table–then, make sure it is visible in the view and hidden in the main table. From there, add your bookmark to the main table, but watch the data populate in your view but not clutter your main table (because the column is hidden).

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