Add cell content in-line in page


This is prob an easy one, but I just cant figure out how to add cell content from a table in-line in canvas or a page.

I have a very simple table, two collumns, “Term” and “Description”. Filtered on term, I would like to show content in corresponding “Description” cell.


Sorry, new user, so not allowed to add the other examples.

Anyone that can help?

Hey Philip, welcome to the Community!

The formula you need is this:

[DB Dictionary].Filter(CurrentValue.Term = "circular causality").First().Description

You need to:

  1. take the table DB Dictionary,
  2. then Filter it for row(s) where Term is the given term,
  3. then take the First (the only one) result row,
  4. and finally, read Description from that row.

And if you expect multiple rows for the same term and want to get all descriptions, drop the .First() to then read the descriptions of all filtered rows, and add something like .BulletedList() or a .Join(LineBreak()) in the end to combine the descriptions together into a single text value.

Apply the same algorithm whenever you need to get anything from a table :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Hi Paul.

Thanks for the detailed reply! Really helped!

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