Add filter to Master button to get single row

Hi All,

Probably another simple query

I have a table [Walls] with types of wall (solid stone, brick, timber, etc) and their individual properties (performance, cost, description etc)
and I’ve filtered it so that an individual house will match up with its type of wall:

thisRow.Description=[Data input].WALLS_DESCRIPTION

But I want to add all the different elements of the house (walls, windows,floors, etc) to a summary table .

I’ve created a button column in each element table and want to add the filtered rows to the summary table. But I just get all the unfiltered rows.

How can I add a filter to either the master button, or each element tables buttons?

I think I’ve answered my own question from a previous topic asking a similar thing.
I’ve altered the elements table buttons and added a disable formula:

thisRow.Description!=[Data input].WALLS_DESCRIPTION

Sometimes it’s a case of knowing what to ask.

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