Add to Google Contacts

I setup the Google Contacts Pack with a doc and the sync is working fine. However, I have created a button to “Add to Google Contacts” and I keep getting the following error:

GoogleContacts::AddContact failed - Failed to take action in Google Contacts

I’m pretty sure I have it setup correctly, but I guess I screwed something up somewhere. Initially I thought it was failing because some of my test contacts already existed in Google Contacts, but it I get the same message when I try to add a contact that I have confirmed does not already exist.

Anyone seen this before? Let me know what additional information I can provide for troubleshooting.



Sometimes when data is syncing in fine but taking actions doesn’t work, it’s a sign that the permissions for the connection aren’t allowing it. Can you check in Explore -> Packs -> Google Contacts -> Settings and see that the connection is “View and Take Actions”.

I figured out that it works if I remote the Groups field.