Adding every item of a sequence into it's own cell

Hello lovely community!

So, I’d like to generate a sequence of years in a table formula
f.e. =sequence(1950.2023)

but instead of getting all the values in one cell get to add the necessary rows in the table so each year is in it’s own cell.

Hope it makes sense! Thanks in advance!

Hi @Miguel_Gomez

Check this setting, you’ll need to use a button formula


You should use a combination of ForEach(), Sequence() and AddRow() function like this to populate your table YearTable


This means that, for each value from date 1 to date 2 (managed by slider, or whatever else you want), we will create a new row in the table, and set the name as the current value (the value of year)





Ah! Wonderful!
Buttons! Thanks a lot!

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Be my guest :wink: and enjoy !

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