AddOrModifyRows case insensitive comparison could not work properly

I put “[].Lower() = [].Lower()” into the expression of AddOrModifyRows but it doesn’t seem to work properly (see attached screenshot). The first time it works when it tried to “add rows”, but it simply overrides all the values I have when I pressed the button twice with the last entry of [table]. What is the problem with my expression?
p.s. It works “case sensitively” if I remove “Lower()” in the expression


Hey aso! Can you share what results you’re getting from this formula so we can get a better idea of what isn’t working?

If you’re open to sharing your doc with the Community by making it public, we can take a closer look at what you’ve already built.

If you’re unable to share your full doc due to security reasons, we totally understand! Setting up a demo doc that you’re able to share publicly with a similar formula setup would be helpful. (This can be a scaled-down copy of the doc you’re working on or just an example doc displaying the issues you’re encountering.)

Afterward, please reply with the link to your doc so we can take a look for you :+1:

No problem. I built a simple version of the same issue as enclosed. You can try pressing the button for twice, the first time it should work properly, the second time it will update both of the rows with the data in paul.

Would you mind enabling edit permissions on the doc? It’s view-only right now. Thanks in advance!

It’s enabled now! TIA!

Hi, I created another version of your button here. It may still need some modifications, but might an approach like this work for your use case?

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