Aggregating news and socials based of hashtags / keywords?

I work in local gov and I have started creating a hub for local officials. I have a variety of wish list items but the one I’m focused on at the moment is creating alerts / notifications based on key words.

In a perfect world I would like to aggregate new stories and socials related to specific topics or people.

For example, lets say there is a rep in Madison WI, maybe their selected hashtags include: #madison, #housingfirst, #arpa, #mayorquimbey, etc.

Is there a way to bring that type of info into Coda?

Hey Dustin,

I’ve been building out a knowledge & operations system that has some pretty deep tagging functionality, including the ability for members to follow tags and receive notifications of a newly tagged object - (knowledge) fragment, narrative, file, task.

Probably too much to go over in a post, but I’d be happy to demo it for you in exchange for your feedback and an understanding of your use case.

SIOOS Tags 2022.12.15


I’m in! When is a good time for you?

Cool! I tried to send you a DM here, not sure if you got it?

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