Allow manual pasting or enable automatic pasting of 2fa codes on the iPhone app

Currently the login process for 1password users on the iphone app is the following:

  1. Tap into the email or password field, face id to automatically enter the details from 1password
  2. Tap signin, go to 2fa prompt page
  3. Despite 1password copying the 2fa code to the clipboard, the app does not automatically enter this (unlike other apps), and doesn’t have any ability to long-tap to paste the code into the input (unlike other apps)
  4. As such, the user has to leave coda, navigate to the 1password app, authenticate with 1password, search for coda, scroll to the 2fa code, memorise the code in time, then navigate back to coda, tap into the input and enter what you hope is the correct memorised code

It would be a lot better if this experience was more automated so step 4 could be entirely avoided

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