An updated copy/paste experience looking for beta testers

Sure definitely a feature needed because i copy my board from month to month just to seperate an organize everything but from now i add to create another doc and copy paste from it and change the fonction.Hard to do everytime.:+1:t4:

I would love to be part of the test team.

Happy to help test. Just let me know!

Sign me up! I’m ready.


Count me in! Thanks!!

@getraf @Tim_Engman @Warren_Baker @Lars_Rasmussen @Laina_Marcellin @Lennys_Santana @Bryan_deSilva @Lloyd_Montgomery @Naji_Makarem Your accounts have been enabled for the new copy/paste functionality. You will need to reload your documents to get the new behavior.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, when you paste you will see a notification pop up towards the middle-bottom of the screen, with a link for options. Please click on that to change the desired paste behavior. We are are working on making this UX better.

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I would love to help @Himanshu! :wave:

Let me know if I can help in any way.


Would love to be part of this if possible.

Count me in! I’d like to know more about how to preserve indents & spacing when I copy/paste documents over from StarOffice/LibreOffice.

I’d be happy to help test!

If not too late, I’d also love to beta the new copy/paste. I copy/paste a lot!

Hello @Himanshu
Nothing happens when I copy paste tables from one document to another. It simply paste the table, no pop up, nothing.

Count me in! Look forward to testing it.

Count me in, love playing with new features.


Hello! I’d love to help with this feature, or any others.

I’ve actually been compiling notes for you.

Love this product, folks, great job!

Hello everyone

Update copy/paste experience should now be live for all of you. You will need to refresh the browser to get the updated experience.


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I’ve been really eager to get onto this feature as just spoke to support.

Could you please add me in for testing too! :slight_smile:

@Matt_Kitch - it is enabled for everyone now. Make sure you refresh your doc to get the update!