Announcing Packs (and a quick ask for the community)


A Google Drive pack would be a game changer for us. The ability to move or copy documents into or out of Coda (which currently doesn’t support attachments) would allow us to do all kinds of document processing that we can’t do right now. Also the ability to credit / edit / launch Google Docs / Sheet templates would be huge.




Current packs are really useful and work great!

Our company is working a lot with services such as Hubstaff (or TimeCamp, …) so that we can “time-tracking” our tasks.

I heard it’s possible for now to create this manually with all formulas Coda offers, but we would be really interested in having a “Hubstaff” Pack (or another similar service, such as TimeCamp).




Sorry to be late but just signed up for Coda and packs are a major appeal for me as I’d like to integrate with other software out there. But the most appealing to me is the idea of the “coda” itself pack, as this would solve - unless you guys have plans to do it another way - probably my biggest ask right now: Ability to link across Docs, and set up individual permissions accordingly.

I am trying to go all in with you guys and move off my Atlassian Confluence/Jira set up, which I used not just for Software development, but also went in on their “Jira Core” for managing some other business stuff like HR, Ops, etc. I have a load of add-ons, including some CRM, which I think I can replicate either with Coda itself, or possibly the HubSpot pack you talked about above which I vote for ahead of SalesForce, for which I do have a costly license that I’m about to give up - yearly deal that I got stuck in and can’t wait for it to end. But getting back to my use case for Coda to replace Confluence/Jira, I extensively linked between the two for Requirements, Roadmaps, even company meetings. One of your major appeals, unlike anything else I’ve seen except Atlassian, is the ability to link a row into a doc free-form. This is very close to the ability to highlight text in Confluence and create, or link to, a Jira issue. Possibly the most useful feature for me of the Atlassian Suite. If I can’t do this across Docs however, which I’d be treating as Jira Projects or Confluence Spaces, there is a huge limit on what I can do with Coda, and I’m not sure I can convert.

Very eager to find out more here at your community, and congrats on a game-changing product that I hope will serve my start-up as a proverbial “Single Source of Truth” for some years to come!



Yes please. I’m finding myself and my team are really really needing a Coda pack. We have too much documents with tasks and no easy way to centralize tasks in a master doc. Pleeease!



I also have another suggestion - This is a great Jira alternative for smaller teams, but has zero Documentation capability. So would be great to have Coda represent an ability to do Project overviews, serve as a source of truth, provide the ability to assign simpler tasks than full-on issues, etc. when using

Thanks, and keep up the great, great work!!