Announcing Packs (and a quick ask for the community)

A Google Drive pack would be a game changer for us. The ability to move or copy documents into or out of Coda (which currently doesn’t support attachments) would allow us to do all kinds of document processing that we can’t do right now. Also the ability to credit / edit / launch Google Docs / Sheet templates would be huge.



Current packs are really useful and work great!

Our company is working a lot with services such as Hubstaff (or TimeCamp, …) so that we can “time-tracking” our tasks.

I heard it’s possible for now to create this manually with all formulas Coda offers, but we would be really interested in having a “Hubstaff” Pack (or another similar service, such as TimeCamp).


Sorry to be late but just signed up for Coda and packs are a major appeal for me as I’d like to integrate with other software out there. But the most appealing to me is the idea of the “coda” itself pack, as this would solve - unless you guys have plans to do it another way - probably my biggest ask right now: Ability to link across Docs, and set up individual permissions accordingly.

I am trying to go all in with you guys and move off my Atlassian Confluence/Jira set up, which I used not just for Software development, but also went in on their “Jira Core” for managing some other business stuff like HR, Ops, etc. I have a load of add-ons, including some CRM, which I think I can replicate either with Coda itself, or possibly the HubSpot pack you talked about above which I vote for ahead of SalesForce, for which I do have a costly license that I’m about to give up - yearly deal that I got stuck in and can’t wait for it to end. But getting back to my use case for Coda to replace Confluence/Jira, I extensively linked between the two for Requirements, Roadmaps, even company meetings. One of your major appeals, unlike anything else I’ve seen except Atlassian, is the ability to link a row into a doc free-form. This is very close to the ability to highlight text in Confluence and create, or link to, a Jira issue. Possibly the most useful feature for me of the Atlassian Suite. If I can’t do this across Docs however, which I’d be treating as Jira Projects or Confluence Spaces, there is a huge limit on what I can do with Coda, and I’m not sure I can convert.

Very eager to find out more here at your community, and congrats on a game-changing product that I hope will serve my start-up as a proverbial “Single Source of Truth” for some years to come!


Yes please. I’m finding myself and my team are really really needing a Coda pack. We have too much documents with tasks and no easy way to centralize tasks in a master doc. Pleeease!


I also have another suggestion - This is a great Jira alternative for smaller teams, but has zero Documentation capability. So would be great to have Coda represent an ability to do Project overviews, serve as a source of truth, provide the ability to assign simpler tasks than full-on issues, etc. when using

Thanks, and keep up the great, great work!!

Hey Jeremy, I suggest you do the pack with TodoIst.
PS. I am not affiliated in any way with that company, but I use it every day for my task management.


+1 for an Evernote Pack.


I could basically build an ERP with Coda if packs were added for RingCentral, Ultradox, and Xero. So priority on those please! :grinning:

The main reason I’m so excited about Coda is the prospect of being able to create tools to help me automate business processes and pull data together from various and sundry web services into an environment where it can be tracked and managed in a singular portal. Packs are critical in making that a reality, and I look forward to new releases. Here are some categories that I think should be prioritized:

  • Google Sheets and Forms - this is a no-brainer and should be top priority in pack development for several reasons. It’s fairly easy to accidentally delete data in Coda, and I would very much prefer to store information in Google Sheets (which supports versioning) and then pull the data into Coda to run formulas and commands on it. Also, I have a lot of existing Google Sheets which I use to collaborate with third parties, and while I may not want those third parties to have access to Coda, I would want to use the data from the sheet in Coda. Zapier isn’t a good workaround due to the volume of requests (and the fact that it can be buggy and slow at times). This would also greatly extend Coda and bypass the need for a large number of packs to be built (for instance, there would be no real need to have packs built for banks to push banking data into Coda, because services like Tiller already export banking data from multiple services into Google Sheets).
  • Some Sort of Merchant Services / Credit Card Processor (PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc.) - There are many use cases for sending payment requests to clients, storing payment information and automatically running payments based on events (like a completion of a task or approval).
  • HR / Payroll Services (Gusto, Square, Everlance, etc.) - It would be extremely helpful to automate expense reports, PTO requests, and time tracking.
  • Accounting Services (Xero, Invoicely, Freshbooks, etc.) - Again, many use cases for automating to eliminate redundancy of data input and bringing in accounting data to use in Coda.
  • VOIP Services (RingCentral, Grasshopper, Dialpad, etc.) - For anyone attempting to use Coda for CRM purposes, this is crucial. As mentioned before, Zapier is buggy and slow, and a direct integration would greatly extend Coda (imagine a button that could automate the submission of a phone call request to a client, saving their response in a table, blocking the time on your calendar, and then triggering your VOIP system to call the client automatically at their requested number at their requested time…going through the process of contacting a client to schedule a conference call currently takes me 10-15 minutes without any phone tag, and being able to automate it would be a total game changer).
  • Document Generation / Automation (Ultradox, PandaDox, Google Documents, etc.) - Again, use cases are fairly obvious, and it would massively extend the functionality of Coda. It would be heaven to be able to have a button that could trigger the creation of a proposal (or report, letter, etc.) and save the file in a Coda table.
  • Print and Shipping Utilities (Google Cloud Print,, Shipstation, etc.) - Enabling automation that would trigger printing of documents, creation of shipping labels, then tracking shipping progress in Coda.

@jerols Any word on a deliverable date for “Coda Pack?” Really, really would be beneficial. Thanks!

Update: Adding @Al_Chen_Coda to this request for an update! :wink:

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Yes please @jerols we definitely need this!

@tomavatars I just found this in the help docs. It appears to be referring to the “Coda Pack” we’ve been asking for but I don’t have a Coda Pack option. Or do you think I’ve misunderstood it?


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They pulled it. Nice to know it’s on the way though!


Nice catch @John_Beaudoin_Jack !
It probably means the feature is on its way!

Ominous that they pulled it, though. Coda, don’t go breaking my heart!

The Coda pack is still coming. It’s being actively worked on, along with a bunch of other great improvements to packs.


That hand you see waving wildly in the distance? It’s mine, volunteering to beta test the Coda pack! :smile:

Cannot wait to see this, my biggest want of Coda alongside permissions - although maybe this will include them to some degree, for example viewing certain rows in one doc from another doc would have some permissions attached?

Thanks @jerols for updating the community!

I look forward to a Mailchimp pack!

Get Data from Google Sheets automatically refreshed please :pray:t2:

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Hi Lane! Is there any update regarding this pack? I’m in the middle of building it with Google App Scripts and both APIs, but would be way better with a native pack.