Any good ideas on visual design of tasks?

Hi there!
I’m building a personal system, and things are going quite well so far.
One of my biggest issue is the visualisation of a task and all information related to it.
To have task name, project/folder, tags, and dates as a table on one line, makes it rather
unmanageable. In many task managers you will see a double line, like this:

By using Concantenate I’ve tested out this:
But I then need to put the name in bold, or do some other type of formatting. This field is not click-able to open task, as it’s a formula, but I can use the note button instead.

I’ve also tried to use cards view, but it’s not possible to stretch out the width to just one column, I can’t se a solution.
So, do you experts have some great ideas on how to present a list og tasks?
I really hope there was a way to do this in a smart way.

Here’s a few things you can try:

  1. Don’t just concatenate but use Format using a pre-formatted cell as a value:

  2. To make the whole thing clickable, experiment with making this column a button and using that content as its label:

If these two options don’t work for you, feel free to ping me and I’ll come up with some more :slight_smile:

The playable demo doc:


Great @Paul_Danyliuk!
I got so hang up in Coda, that I forgot to answer :smiley: It have been two weeks with a lot of coding.

By using Buttons and Format I could create quite advanced design! Also opening the task when clicking is easy then.


There is of course always things that could be better. 3 lines makes the task list quite long, but trying to align text to both left and write makes it messy.
And then drag and drop only works in a smal area on left. I guess this is the price to pay working with Coda. Many workarounds can make it less smooth to use.

Thanks again.

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