Any way to create a text snippet?

Is there a way to add text snippets like if i type /login i can use a long text that I had saved in login snippet? I seem to need to some lines of text everywhere and want to minimize the process.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Ujwal,

Here are two ways in which you can do something like you are looking for:

  1. In most of my docs I have a dictionary, which is a table with terms and their definitions. Anywhere in the document I can then type @term, which will then insert a hyperlink to the definition.
  2. Closer to what you are looking for, you can then use a = formula to filter the dictionary table, and output the text of the definition. But it is never going to be “dead text”, it will always be a live reference to the original text. Which is awesome in some ways.

Option one is going to be quicker to use, but it is not going to inline replace your text. Option two is longer, so will work better with sentences and even paragraphs.

Let’s see if other community members have other ideas.


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