Approach to organizing customer activity w/multiple shipping dates?

Greetings all! Hoping someone can help me organize my

I’m trying to build a content calendar in a gant view that will allow me to view all activity at a glance, to make sure there’s an appropriate amount of time between messaging.

These messages are for product updates/features. My columns are structured by customer name, feature, and shipped date. It’s simple enough that even I can figure out how to present it when one feature is displayed…but I’d like to show all features and their corresponding release dates. I’m struggling to figure out how to consolidate all the release dates w/their corresponding feature values all in one gant chart.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @Logan_Little,
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Would it be possible to have your document (or a sample of it, if you have sensitive data) to share: this way it’s easier tu get the point and go straight to the solution.

Thank you!