Are multi value sliders not a thing?

I’m trying to let user see all things with value more then x and lower then y

I’m sure I’ve seen this implemented in coda before but I can’t find it now.
I’m assuming I can achieve that with 2 sliders and having 2 filters but this becomes a disaster if I’m trying to have multiple filters.
It’s actually a public doc RC cars

Hello there @Landsil!
You can add a filter with a formula like this:

(thisRow.[Width (mm)] >= [Slider Min Width (mm)] and thisRow.[Width (mm)]<=[Slider Max Width (mm)])

I made some changes to your doc, adding this the Min Width and Max Width sliders as example of this logic; also added all the other sliders

Nice solution @Saul_Garcia :weight_lifting_man::weight_lifting_woman::weight_lifting_man:‍♂

Yes, I know it can be done like this, but as I’ve mentioned in the post it doubles amount of buttons and that’s not good. It both impacts quota on the free account and makes things very messy.

Even this short version has 4 sliders so I would have to change it to 8. It’s not a great user experience for those looking for something.

I will take this as an answer that j was wrong thinking it was supported already.
I will probably abandon sliders and use drop-downs. This will be slightly better experience.