Asana table multi-select values in Coda

Hi all. I have a linked Asana table in my Coda doc. One of the fields in Asana is a multi-select dropdown that allows multiple values to be selected.

In Coda, when I change the column type to a “Select list” type, with multiple options allowed, it then lists each combination of fields together in the filter options, rather than each single value. Is there a way to fix this so that I can filter by each individual value?

For example, in Asana the options for the field are “Orange” “Pear” and “Banana”.

In Coda, when I go to filter that column, instead of just those three values, I have:

“Banana, Orange”
“Orange, Pear”
“Pear, Orange, Banana”

Apologies if this is an obvious fix - just started using Coda, and enjoying it so far - but can’t find an answer to this one anywhere!

Hey there Tom, have you checked out the article below?

I want to say that once you set this up in your table you will be able to get the functionality you need.