Attach file button, formula needed

I want to add a button that pop up adding attachment or file in another column. Is there anyway to do this?

If your table is set up with a file tab like this:


Than you can have a button that creates a new row in that table, and opens it up to allow you to add a file.


Not sure if that is helpful. But, your formula would just be " /new button and than link it to the table you want it to enter into.

Hello. thanks for your suggestion. I would like an easier way for mobile user. Just want a button to open ‘add file’ directly. Can you suggest any other way?

It would be the same way. Add a button that automatically opens, and just make sure there is a column with a file.

what is the use case?

This mean i have to click button, and then click “attach file”

I am looking for a way to click button and open “attach file” without clicking again.

Hi @Korn_Tris ! @Erik_Andersson1 is correct, you can have a button that will open the row and you can edit it from there, but you will still have to click to add the file. You could also change the view of the table to cards so that individuals could click the image and then just add it. See if that helps you.

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