Authorization in Packs (Strava)

Oh hold on a second. So confused. What is this additional parameter you wrote inside your authorization call of getConnectionName:

When I first looked at it I thought that piece as part of an execution: of a formula(), but now that its morning and my brains working Im realizing its totally different than what I thought.

Can you let me know whats going on with that?

It’s a helper function that sets the name of the account after it’s been connected. More information here: Authentication - Coda Pack SDK

And so the saga continues: I updated my code to match yours, and still getting this:
Screen Cast 2022-01-11 at 10.04.05 AM

Thats the same kind of errors I was getting before. . . Sorry to keep bothering you

Can you post a screenshot of the callback URL section of the Strava app config screen? Can you double-check you are using the right client ID and secret that corresponds to that app?

Yeah - I’ve double checked. And I’ve tried different scopes, and tried Leo’s additionalParameter as well

@Eric_Koleda - So it continues

I’ve gotten the pack to finally bring me to a valid authorization page (as you saw) but now it just bumps me back to my Coda doc saying “failed to connect”

GIF Showing live bump back and fail

Screen Cast 2022-01-12 at 10.38.33 AM

Heres the two errors my pack tools are providing:

Heres the other one

That error seems to indicate that getConnectionName isn’t returning anything. Are you using the same code that I was? You can also just remove that function from your auth definition, and it will use your Coda user name as the connection name.

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I had to erase the getConnectionName parameter as you mentioned


:tada: Congrats :tada:

It was a long fought battle, but I never gave up hope :slight_smile:

Now to polish and get the rest of it up. Can’t thank you enough!

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