Auto-populating Project Numbers

Okay I’m relatively new to this and very rusty with using formulas in general.

I am setting up a project list and want to have associated project numbers. Say my first project is 10001, can I make it so that when someone clicks the button to add a new project it just automatically makes that project the next number in the sequence (ex. 10002)? What would the formula be for that? I feel like I just can’t quite get it.


There are so many ways to do that! Thats the wonder of Coda.

But the specific and “best” way really depends on your specific use-case. Can you share an example doc or more about your workflow?

Here is the link to the page I’m working on. We just started using Coda and haven’t imported all of our data yet. We’re still trying to work on the functionality to figure out how we want to use it. Anyway, I want any user to be able to click on the “add project” button but I want the project number to automatically just enter the next number in sequence.
So pardon how little data is actually in this table, everything is still under construction :smiley:

Hi Tess,

It’s late this side of the ocean, so pardon the quick post, but here is a quick example:


Thank you! I appreciate your example. I got it to work! Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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