Automate checking a related row's checkbox

This is for our Partners Tables. We have Persons and Companies as partners, and sometimes a person is related to a company so we want to show that relation as well.

Some of those contacts are Power Partners and we check this box.

For example, Person 1 is part of Company 1. Is it possible to automate checking Company 1’s Power Partner status if Person 1 is a Power Partner, and vice versa?

What is the rule you apply to determine whether a person is a power partner?

It’s just through clicking the Toggle in the Power Partner column~

Hi @Jazzy_B,

that doesn’t look that hard to achieve, but it is if we don’t see the relationship tables.

Would you be so nice and create a dummy doc with sample data, so we can take a look into the formulas? That would help a lot!

Here is a guide on how to share a doc with the Coda Community


I just took a closer look at the screenshot and the description.

If I understood you right, you want the checkbox automatically to be checked if you check the checkbox from a person of that company manually. Unfortunately, you can only choose one option how the checkbox works: manually or calculated. Both options at the same time is not possible. You could keep using a manual checkbox and use Codas automations to check the Checkbox “automatically”, BUT I wouldn’t recommend that!

What I would do instead is to work with different tables. Split your two types, “Persons” and “Companies” into two different tables. Then it is much cleaner and easier to achieve what you want.

But as I said earlier, it is much easier for us to help, if you share your doc.