Automation to Add Filters and button columns

Am civil engineer working in construction company
We make progress in our execution and make invoice for this progress
We have items and sub items which we make progress
Each sub items have execution percentage (progress and retention) and quantity and the date for each change
progress and retention changes more often than quantity so I make two separate tables for this one for quantity and one for progress
when I make invoice, it will sum sub items to item since invoice only include items
I make filter to select last change until invoice date and make one table for executed quantity
Which get last updated progress for each sub items and quantity and get the actual quantity
I make these with filtered tables and column button
As my data scale my doc is showing me Calculating all the time
Is there any way to force filters and column button to work only when I need not all the time
Or any automation to add these filters and column button when I need

Hey Mohamed, this seems like a larger doc performance or setup issue. I’d recommend reaching out to directly so we can take a closer look at your doc and troubleshoot any performance-related issues with you.

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