Beta: Attachments

Excellent. I’d like to try this out please.

I am surely interested. This feature is holding up from using Coda for many more use cases. Would like to understand where the documents are stored.
Please enable this feature.

This is one of the features that was holding us up for trying out Coda, as it kinda blocks a lot of use cases.
Would really like to try it out! Please enable it for my account

Would love to try this.

I’m interested in trying out the new files feature.



I would like to try this.

Hi, waiting for this as well but is this only inside the tables?
Would really need a free drag&drop on any files to the docs. In order to write up technical specs this is kind of a must-have as you are constantly dropping in example files, logs etc.

Setting up a table for everything seem a bit clunky.

Hello! I would love to try this out, thank you :slight_smile:

I too would like to be included in the BETA launch. Thank you.