Beta: Attachments

I have not received the email on instructions to enable this beta feature. Please let me know.

Can’t wait until this comes out. I’d be thrilled to try it out :smiley:

i would really like to try this out too!

Great news! I would like to have access to the attachment Beta. Thank you.

Hi! We would also love to try out this feature.

Please add me.
This looks great.

We’d love to beta test this too please!

Thanks for your continued excitement here, folks! We’ve enrolled everyone who’s responded to this post so far.

We have lots of enthusiastic beta-testers & feedback at this point, and won’t be accepting any more beta sign-ups, so we can keep ourselves focused on getting this launched more widely for you all!


Hi. I would like to try

Hi, just tested and work awesome, gonna be a great feature!

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Yes Please :orange_heart:

Please count me in, now.

Hi, I would like to try.

I would like to try this out please :slight_smile:

Yes please, I would like to try it.

Yes please, add me to the attachments beta

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One over here, thanks. <3

Sure, wanted to try for a long time!

I’d like to participate, too

Would love to participate in this if you’re still open for testers. Thanks!