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I believe this one should better discussed here :wave:

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Is there an option to “send a copy to myself” of my submitted form?

Coda team is there an ETA for this feature? I didn’t catch the beta test and it’s very much needed.

What do you mean @thomas_raizedai with “send a copy to myself”?
If you mean send a copy for example by email you can configurate that, using automation, when new row is created do xyz
Or, if you need in a view with particular user-related filter (like in my personal case) you can use the same concept of automation but that copy that row and add you to the user (or something like that)
I’ve personally configured a “Request to partecipate to the App’s Beta” with a form that send me an email for every new entry in that table!


Thanks @Mario I was thinking about an easy option for my as a submitter to check a box and Coda will send me my form, similar to Google Forms

@thomas_raizedai Ah! Sorry never used forms on google :slight_smile:
The process i can suggest you is similiar to the send to myself but you use the creator of the row as address :slight_smile:
Or, a feature that i’d love would be the possibilities to edit entries after sending them! That would make obsolete the “send me a copy” feature :))))))

Team, thanks for making this available to us.

I’m experiencing a weird issue: seems like if I have a calculated field in the form table, but hidden from my shared visible form, the form crashes and doesn’t display using the link - getting the “might have been deleted” error message.

Any ideas?