Bug: cell selection extremely slow


I have noticed that cell selection , the simple act of clicking on any cell to give it the blue focus rectangle, has recently gotten extremely slow when there is a large number of rows on display.
Selection is zippy if I have the table filtered down to only a few rows.
With a 100 rows on display, the time between clicking and getting focus goes to 4+ seconds.
On an unfiltered mega table with with 2000+ rows and 100+ columns, selecting a cell now takes 15+ seconds :flushed:.
I am a long time power user and I am fairly certain this is a recently introduced bug. I’d venture to say that it started about the same time as the table search box was introduced, but it’s just conjecture. I checked many of my docs and it’s all the same and should note that I am used to slow calculations on mega tables, but this is unrelated.

Hi Nad!
The performance issue that you’re seeing are related with having over 1k rows of data
But don’t worry, there are some tips tat can help you to improve performance:

  1. Reduce row count, either by filtering tables to smaller volumes or deleting/migrating old data that isn’t needed (such as old tasks). An automation could also help here.
  2. Reduce grouping if possible (especially multiple nested groups).
  3. Try to keep sections to as small amount of views/tables as possible, splitting one section across can help.
  4. Hide all columns that aren’t needed. This seems to have a lot of impact on scrolling.

You can find more on this help article

Best regards! :grin:

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Hi @Nad, I’m an engineer at Coda. Thanks for the report— we did recently find a slowdown with selecting cells in a large table, and just deployed a fix that should make this speedier again. (You’ll need to refresh any open tabs to get the change). Let me know if things feel better, or if the issue is still happening.


Hi @EvanBrooks ,
I’m pleased to report that the issue is indeed gone. Less than 24h from bug report to fix makes me a very happy customer, well done!


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