Bug - Page icons don't load

It only shows ( ! ) icons available:

Try clearing pragma cache - it looks like a browser issue.

Yeah its been doing it recently on a few docs. Refreshing a few times / closing browser seems to fix.

My first go-to for issues like this is to refresh while ignoring my cache which sometimes lets me avoid the need to close the browser:

Source: Wikipedia


But what these commands miss is the deep caching created in the pragma cache which is an HTTP 1.0 environment and apparently still used by some older routers between all of us and the Coda servers and even some older browsers. But how does one force all caches along the route to clear? I’m far from expert in these matters, but I’ve learned that using the developers console in Chrome has the ability to cause the next request to completely disregard HTTP 1.0 AND 1.1 caching wherever it may occur - even on the server.

To use this method, you have to display the dev console in Chrome and then right click the refresh button to see these additional options.

Note that the third option has no keyboard shortcut and is clearly something more stringent than the Cmd-Shift-R option.

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Beautiful. Keen insight that the dev console has to be visible. Seems like bad UX but good to know! :pray: