Bug Report: Hyperlink's for file URI scheme

Not sure what the right channel is for this sort of post, but I’d like to report issues with links that are using the file URI scheme - they’re not opening when clicked using the normal linking (CMD+K) or Hyperlink functions.

When used in a button as a open hyperlink action, a new blank tab opens but it doesn’t execute the URL in the browser as would occur when copy-pasted into the browser.

As an example of what I’m trying to accomplish, basically I’d like our team to be able to access local files from our managed environments by clicking something like this:

Hyperlink(Concatenate('file:///Users/',User().Email.Split('@').First(),'/Library/Caches/path/to/file.html'), 'Download')

I have the exact same issue, I’m making a coda interface to maintain a database of data and pdf document.
It would be great if coda can handle local link.

Using Chrome? It’s a known bug feature.

Tbh, I didn’t know that before reading this post.

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Ahh didn’t realize that, thanks for pointing out. Does this mean there isn’t a solution Coda could implement though? From a cursory look, it seems like a dud but wanted to know if anyone thinks it’s feasible.

Maybe if they launch a standalone desktop app that could work, but I don’t know.

same here, I would also like to use ms-excel:ofe|u|file:///G:/xxxxxx.xls URI schemes
reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/client-developer/office-uri-schemes