Bug while chaining formulas

I use a simple chaining of formulas and three tables. Step 1-2 is the combination of Step1 and Step 2 in a single formula, but it fails to compute. Seems like the type checker is lost, and the run engine as well. See the reproduced bug here:

Hi @Mikael_Mayer ,
the problem relies on a wrong lookup reference in History in your Table 1.
You set it as Options, but is in fact is Actions.

Once fixed, you should be able to make it work.
Also in the Table 1 column, it should:

thisRow.History.[Contacted via].CountIf(CurrentValue = Videoconference)

I hope it helps.

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Weird! I did not know that the column type would influence runtime semantics.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Maybe it infers the data type if it’s not specified (try with a generic Text).
But if you explicitly set it, it will treat the data accordingly.

Happy it worked: enjoy!