Bundle Maker: How to get the same attribute from a list of lists

I want to create a bundle maker, where I can automatically calculate how much the bundle should cost. I have a list of assets with prices, and then another table where I pick them to assemble the bundle. Then I make an array of the choices, which is the bundle. How can I get the total price of the bundle? Normally I would go to formula map, but it isn’t working for me:

Hi @Johg_Ananda,

Not sure if I correctly understood, but I think that by setting Bundle Array column type as a Asset Lookup then you can simply put thisRow.[Bundle Array].Price.Sum() in the formula.

I guess that now it doesn’t work because Bundle Array isn’t specified as a type.

Let me know if it works.


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Hey that doesn’t work. That was my first approach, but it won’t all you to draw .[Price] off the list. I think its because it can’t be sure that the list of homogenized of the same type of arrays. Its possible Asset 2 colum (or any of them) could be looking up from a table with a different makeup that then all the others (Assets).

Interestingly, removing any blank rows fixes the issue. This is very strange and in my original implementation in large table I saw the same error. Maybe a Codan could chime in as to why this works/breaks?

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It does work with me…

Dear @Johg_Ananda and @Federico_Stefanato

I am just wondering why you didn’t chose to select the items of a bundle in one column, just for simplicity.
Important to have the column with the numeric settings, instead of text!


@Jean_Pierre_Traets great question. It is because sometimes you might have a bundle with two of the same object and ‘select multiple’ doesn’t allow this. Take a look at ‘Nail it Twice’ bundle I have created. Try to recreate it with the ‘select multiple’ feature in one column:

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Yeah, you are right :handshake:, I didn’t consider that.