Button - tracking

I want to create a button on a document that once clicked populates a table with name of reviewer, document reviewed, and time/date stamp.

Sure, but what is your question?
Where does the table live, which document do you want to put in the table, where does the reviewer name come from?

Hello, thank you. I’m looking to implement a “reviewed” button on various pages. When a user clicks the “reviewed” button, I want to generate a record in a new hidden table. This record should include details such as: the user who reviewed, the title of the document reviewed, and the timestamp of when they clicked the “reviewed” button. The goal is to maintain a comprehensive log of all documents reviewed by users along with corresponding timestamps.

If I understand you correctly, you want a table in an (admin) doc to collect the information from documents reviewed (in other docs).

I think the easiest way to to that is by sending a webhook to a central database - there are a few free packs to do that (such as Codaexpert Webhook). The information you need in your button is collected with the function user(), now() and a hard coded document namen, or, if the documents are in a table, thisRow.description or something like that. I does not have to be all that complicated.

@Scott_Raymond I put together a demo for you. I think this is what you’re looking for.