Can a column be SHOWN in multiple sections of a layout?

I have a custom layout and wish to display the value of one specific column TWICE in the same layout - but using a different display type.

I am currently using a workaround where I have a second column which is literally just mimiking the first column.

Projects = a relational field referencing my projects table
Project = Projects

The reason I want to do this, is that when opening the canvas I want the information to be very easy to see. What project is this related to - who owns that project, what is the project timeline - and most imporatantly the project brief canvas. So I have the duplicate “Project” column displayed as a table in the layout.

However, when display a field as a table the relational column does NOT have the drop-down functionality. So a user could not easily switch the related project from this view, they would need to close the canvas to change the associated project (not ideal) so I have the original “Projects” column displayed on the layout as well - as a dropdown instead of as a table.

I am wondering if there is a better way to do this that avoids storing duplicate information in multiple fields. Ideally I could just display the table, and have the project name field be a dropdown selector IN the table view. If I cannot do that, the next best option is to DISPLAY the column twice without actually having it stored in two different columns. If neither of these is possible, I believe my workaround is the next best solution.