Can I create a vertical view in table?

I have a table with many fields but only a few records. Horizontally scrolling to see all the fields when there’s a lot of empty vertical space feels weird.

Is there a way to flip the display of rows and columns so the screen space is used more efficiently for these kinds of tables?

Not used to a horizontal view (Scrolling to the right for a very long time).

This is especially useful when you are trying to create comparisons between 2 or more things. For example if you are comparing features and pricing, it’s easier to see in a vertical (column) view.

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Dear @Steve_Yang,

Hard to understand the usecase of your table ( shema design) and what info you need to see at once.

I just would recommend to create from your table with many fields, as many as necessary “view tables” that show only the columns related with the info you are looking for, by hidding the columns not relevant

Most probably the design of your shema needs to be improved to split the info you have now in one table to more tables - Coda ( databases) are different from Excel / Sheets


But ,forget it. Airtable also can not do it.

Yeah, this has been a frequent request. Here’s one way how you can do that for presentation purposes (because the resulting table will be read-only):

Alternatively, just use Detail layout to list all the row’s properties in a form-like vertical flow. Not as compact as a table though, and no possibility to compare values side by side.

Thank you !
But I thought another solution: put the less numbers of name into Column , more numbers of name into Row.