Can I create "Users" without giving access to the Doc?

Hi all,
I’m hoping to use Coda to create an ongoing gear inventory and check-out record at my workplace. This would ideally involve creating a user profile for anybody who checks out gear, but just now when I tried to create a table for Users with the display column formatted as People, it wouldn’t let me type in names for anyone except myself. I assume this is because at this point I haven’t shared the Doc with anyone else, so technically I’m the only “User.”
So my question is, can I create User profiles for people without giving them access to the Doc? I could forget the People formatting for the column and just use names, but because of the unique features of the People designation I’d really like to use that if possible.

  • Bria F.
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Unfortunately what you are describing does not seem to be possible,
However using a Table [People] with column like [Name], [Email], [Home Phone], [Cell Phone], [Address], etc… can do the same thing when accessed via a lookup column.

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