Can Stripe Integrate with Coda via Zapier?

Hey, is there a way to send a zap from Stripe and send in as a row to Coda?

Use case; successful charges done on our web application and processed via Stripe.

I’d like to push that line item of the successful charge, fees associated to it as a new row in an income table to visualize monthly sales or annual sales.

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I have been able to integrate a form to Coda via Zapier. I’m sure it works similarly with Stripe. Set the first step to connect to Stripe and apply the filters, the destination can be set to Coda. The action would be to create a new row (or maybe modify depending on your use case)
Create the table and fields in Coda before hand and you can map the fields you get in stripe to that in Coda.

Thanks - I will give this a whirl. I need to figure out all the columns needed prior to beginning the zap. I want to include the import of gross sale, fees charged, net totals, customer, etc…