Can you suggest an app that can populate a spread sheet with data from emails and do this for earthquake prediction purposes...?

Hello, I am here at the suggestion of Coda chat who replied that Coda is not able to accomplish my goals as described below, including twitter integration. I really appreciate some leads from anyone. Richard Balogh, Retired Prof. of Physical Science, on twitter @AnimalQuake

I am not a computer nerd. I would like to know if the CODA analyst starter kit is the best place to develop a spreadsheet that would
1. read several thousand of my inbox gmails of small earthquakes (information from USGS) and populate the spreadsheet with info common to all of these emails, like date, time, magnitude, etc with the ability to replace an older email’s data of the same quake with data from a more recent email having the word "updated’ in the subject field and to also delete entirely from the spreadsheet an earlier quake’s data if the more recent “updated” email has the word “blast” in the subject field.
2. count the number of emails received on the same day (any time during the day) in the email subject field and show this information in a separate column on the spread sheet.
3. plot a graph of each day’s date versus number of quakes on that date for all email data
4. read new emails each day, process the same as before and add them to the number of quakes column and also to the plot
5. notify me by text if the total for a particular day is close to a certain number that I can change if needed
6. finally have a separate portion of the spreadsheet with twitter addresses to send custom tweets with same content to everyone on the list Thank you for your insight as to my initial question…is this the best place for a novice - me - to do all this?

In case you are curious why…The elastic rebound theory of quakes predicts that there should be an increase in small quakes prior to a larger quake, like a piece of wood about to snap under stress but small cracks propagate first as in hearing the wood crack a bit just before breaking in two. This time of “cracking” before complete failure (small quakes preceding a large quake) typically bends piezoelectric minerals like quartz in rocks causing electric current to flow in the ground which is a likely cause of unusual animal behavior even months before some - not all - large quakes in the past. My tweet would be asking those who live near the San Andreas Fault to report back to me with recent observed unusual animal behavior for the purpose of collecting animal behavior data that can be scientifically analyzed instead of the current state of purely anecdotal information after the larger quake. Thank you in advance!