Cannot click on a valid link (Error: "Cannot convert value to the specified format")

On the right half of the screen is my notion page with a link that I want to copy to my Coda.
The same link opens when I do it inside Notion, but doesn’t in coda.

Here is what I mean:

Hi @Fran_Vidicek , thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re running into this issue. We’ve raised your report with our team, but they have been unable to reproduce this issue. In order to determine why this issue is happening on your end, would you mind providing the following information?:

  1. Your browser details
  2. A copy of your doc that you’re having this issue with
  3. The link that the you are pasting

Browser: Vivaldi
Link: Color Theory And Color Palettes — A Complete Guide [2022].

Copy of the doc:
If you go to the “Color Theory” card, and then go down a bit and click on “An Introduction to Color Theory and Color Palettes” card under subtopics, you see a link field with the “invalid link”.

Thanks for providing that info, @Fran_Vidicek , and apologies for the delay in response. Our team attempted to reproduce this issue on various browsers, including Vivaldi browser, and the link column appears to be working fine, even with the specific link that you have shared.
Here’s what we see on our end :point_right: Screencast at September 22nd 2022 - 5.57.40 pm.gif - Droplr

Are you still having issues?

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There was a “.” at the end of my link.
For some reason when you copy the link with or without that dot at the end it works in browser but Coda does not recognizes the link when there is a dot at the end.
Idk where that dot came from…

It was
instead of

I have the same (or similar) issue. I get the same error. Any ideas?


Despite the error, it’s returning the correct value.

Date Month
06/12/2022 Dec
09/11/2022 Nov
16/11/2022 Nov

Formula is:

MonthName(thisRow.Date,format: “MMM”)

I even tried this, and got the same error, even though the output is correct:


SOLVED: I was not aware that a field can be both a formula and have a format, such as date, or number or text (the last one being the solution).