Canvas disappear from column type options

When looking for “Canvas” to get a new column, I could not find it in the “Column type” menu.

When I look at former tables there is still a canvas column in the menu

I tried to create a blank table, which usually contains a default Canvas column named “Notes” but this time it didn’t showed up.

Has the Canvas column type been removed?

Hello @Matthieu_Aucante!
You probably had them because you entered the beta when the new editor was in that phase, but now that it is out, your docs are updating to the new non-beta version, which doesn’t include Canvas columns yet

You’ll have to wait until it is officially launched to use it again.

Hi @Saul_Garcia, thank you very much for your answer!
Any clue about approximately how long “as quickly as possible” might be? Like rather 2 days, 1 week, 1 month?

Hello @Matthieu_Aucante Sorry for the late reply!
Codans normally don’t share that but when they say as soon as possible, it usually takes a couple of weeks as these things are not easy to release.
In this case it has already so go check it out!