Card view layout editing and page designer!

In Card View

  1. Column Labels can show on the left
    Orignal view

    What I think.

  2. Select list column can add on/off feature.
    ON: Obvious Color
    Off: Light Color
    Orignal view

    What I think.

  3. H1~H3 Can’t verify color due to conditional format

  4. Why in card view, I can’t reposition cover image?

  5. Can Edit Card view’s layout
    Orignal view

    What I think.

  6. Multi-select column view in card view

    I can click the item to let it display was selected.

  7. In card view, I want change number directly. But the number type column only can choose Slider to change the number.

  8. On mobile, while I slide to right, it would be touch off default column action.

In Detail View Layout

Feel free to edit like Airtable’s Page designer

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