Certain table data is not syncing accurately across docs

I have a master table in a doc listing all the Versions for our software.
There are columns for stuff like State, Release Type, Feature Freeze date, Planned release date, and a column called “Work Days Until” which uses a custom formula to determine the number of networking days until release day.

SwitchIf(thisRow.[Planned Release]> Today(), NetWorkingDays(Today(),thisRow.[Planned Release]))

In another doc, I have the Versions table referenced via cross-doc. I made a formula to list what the next release version is (called “nextRelease”):
Versions.Filter(Type="Main Release" AND State !="Released").First()

This all works fine so far.

When I use that formula to display the various attributes of nextRelease, it works well for most columns like:
nextRelease.Feature Freeze

BUT, when I try to do ‘nextRelease.Work Days Until’, the value it outputs is usually out of sync.
Seems it is always 2 or 3 days behind the actual value on the master Versions table.

I haven’t been able to figure out what the problem is. Am I doing something wrong? Can someone identify what might be the causing these values to be out of sync?

Hi PRMD, sorry this has sat idle for so long.

I’m not sure I can help, but I’m curious about the latency. Some thoughts:

  • Question - have to verified that there is no such sync latency sans filters?
  • Have you verifued that the filters are accurate in a non-synching table?

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