Change value when field is a 'group by'

It seems like, if I’m using a field as a ‘group by’ in a table, I’m unable to change it’s value.

I would like this ability very much :slight_smile:


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@Sam_Giligich welcome to community. We are excited to have you here.

you can change the value of a group but it will apply to all the records in that group. to workaround this, i would suggest you create another formulaic column and group on that like in this example. now you can change each person’s fav. fruit.

Ah yes thank you. I guess my question was actually wanting to be able to add new records for a table that has a group by.

oh, you can actually add a new record, its bit hard to figure out though. here’s a gif

Wow thanks for such great replies!!!

So I guess my request would be a very small one in the end, but to improve the UX of that feature.

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