Chart use cases for inventory tracking?

I’m putting together a system to track which book club kits are on loan. I’d like to liven things up for my colleagues with some charts. The thing is, I’ve never done this before, so I’m struggling to figure out what kind of charts would be useful.

My “real” question

Is there a way to track how many times an item has been checked out? In this case, the status changes which is a select list.

Some chart ideas I’ve had

  • Percentage of the collection checked out, checked in, retired.
  • Average number of books borrowed in a timeframe.
  • Average number of books borrowed from a kit (since you don’t have to check out all the books within the kit).
  • A leaderboard for most popular book titles or top borrowers.
  • A chart for which titles need to be promoted or retired.
  • An automatic alert that a title hasn’t been checked out in X amount of time.
  • Comparison of the popularity of genres.
  • Percentages of how much of the collection is what genre.
  • On the profile of each book club, the total number of book kits they’ve checked out.
  • On a book’s profile, a chart showing when it was checked out? This would be helpful to quickly seeing that a particular title hasn’t gone out in X time.

On a related topic for a dashboard

  • Which books are going out today/this week.
  • Which books are due back.

Got any other ideas?

Dear @agoodman,

It very well possible to get an answer on your questions.

I suggest you to share a dummy example op what you made so far and will do my best to elaborate on it based on your above input.

And of course there is a chance that other community members will also join.