Coda 2.0 Pricing Updates

11/20/19 Update: These changes are now live! See latest on and

Hi everyone -

We launched Coda 2.0 three weeks ago and received a lot of positive feedback - and also some concerns. My team and I have spent the last couple weeks unpacking those questionsーtaking over 100 in-depth calls and conversations, trying to better understand your unique circumstances. Thank you to everyone who made time for that. I’ve said it before, but I am really so impressed by this community’s energy to collectively and constructively make Coda better for everyone.


After much reflecting, brainstorming, and analyzing, we’ve arrived at a set of specific updates to our pricing modelーwhich will go live late next week. I’ll go into more detail below, but here are the highlights:

  • We’re making all editors free.
  • We’re bringing everyone a version of Cross-doc.
  • We’re introducing a Coda referrals program.
  • We’re piloting a new program for students, educational organizations, and nonprofits.

You only pay for makers. Pure and simple.

When we started our pricing discussions, we laid out two guiding principles - (a) make it easy for anyone to start with Coda and get to know it well, and (b) make it easy to share Coda with your team. The result was a broad free tier and a pricing model called Maker Billing where you pay for doc makers: the people who create, organize, and manage docs for the team. For many, the benefits of both were clearーthe free tier meant the vast majority of Coda docs could stay free, and for teams, it was cheaper to pay for a subset of doc makers than for every team member. This aligned to how we saw Coda spreading.

That said, our proposal came with an asterisk, since each plan limited the number of free editors per maker. We heard questions like, if someone is only pushing a button, does that make them an editor? If I’m a freelancer who shares Coda docs with clients, do I pay for all of them? Or conversely, do they all have to pay for me? Others pointed out that they would have to stop and contemplate the cost implications before sharing a doc ー that felt unfortunate, and definitely not in keeping with our guiding principles.

We spent a lot of time debating the options and asking ourselves, if we really wanted limits that fit most teams, why have the editor cap at all? So with this update, all editors are free. And you only pay for doc makersーsimple as that.

Now when you’re sharing a doc, you never have to worry about incurring a payment. We think this update will make Coda better for freelancers, cross-company sharing, and for collaborating with friends/family/colleagues in general.

This plan does have some risk though. We realize that in some cases, large teams will be supported by a single maker. And we’ll see teams stretch the definition and consolidate down makers. As we considered these tradeoffs, we decided it was worth it. Having watched Coda spread, we believe that as teams adopt Coda, the desire for editors to become makers is high. And the ability to make alongside someone is the best way to learn to make yourself. We think that the gains in simplicity outweigh the risks of (either intentional or inadvertent) mis-use of the policy.

Note: This change will be updated in the pricing page and checkout process next week - at that point, all tiers will have unlimited free editors.

Making Cross-doc more accessible (and better!)

We knew Cross-doc would make a big splash, but your level of excitement exceeded our expectations! Many of you wanted to try Cross-doc in your free docs or had great use cases but weren’t ready for the Team tier. And many of you really wanted 2-way Cross-doc.

As we brainstormed how to address this, we decided to do the following:

  1. The Free tier will get limited Cross-doc Tables: The same feature but with a table limit of 100 rows, and manual sync. This will help test the feature before upgrading and also address some of the more lightweight use cases.
  2. The Pro tier will get full Cross-doc Tables: Pro users can now link full tables across docs and use automated sync for their more robust use cases.
  3. The Team tier will get Cross-doc Tables ー and Cross-doc Actions! We will (soon!) be adding a new feature for supporting action buttons across documents. This will allow scenarios like pushing buttons across docs, setting up actions to update data across docs, etc. Note that this isn’t quite 2-way sync (this is tricky for a few other reasons), but will cover a lot of the 2-way cases that we heard.

From the earliest Coda users, Cross-doc has been a perennial top request. We’ve even built versions of it in past hackathons, but it took some time to get it right. The community (rightly) pointed out that Cross-doc is a real building block for Coda - and I’ve already seen it reshape much of how I use docs, and our early testers have said the same. Given this, it made sense to pull this fundamental building block through all tiers so it could grow with our makers.

Announcing a Coda Referrals program

Going through the feedback, it’s obvious that the value this community adds to the Coda ecosystem is far more than just makers converting into paid members. Many of you are public advocates for us, jumping into forums and Facebook pages and spreading docs within your own networks. And you’re also helping new makers succeed ー answering questions here, making docs for friends, and in some cases even turning doc-making into your own business.

In that spirit, late next week we’ll launch the Coda Referral program: When you refer another maker and they sign-up and start using Coda, you’ll both get a $10 Coda credit to go toward a paid plan. And for the first two weeks, we’re doubling the referrer bonus to $20. More details to come.

Upcoming Special Programs

One last thing. There were a few callouts for specific groups of people using Coda that often qualify for discounted special programs. While we still have details to sort out, it is absolutely our intention to give back to our broader communities by supporting students, educational groups, and non-profit organizations. We’re working on the specific plans, but in the meantime, please contact


Big thank you again to everyone here who sent us thoughtful, constructive feedback, talked with us on the phone, and convinced their friends and coworkers to give Coda a try. We couldn’t make this new doc without you. I look forward to your thoughts.




@shishir, this is amazing; thank you!


Very well received. Thank you Shishir and Coda team!


Amazing update! You Codans are amazing :pray:


That’s a great decision! My expectations were fulfilled in 100%! Thank you Codans!!!


I fucking love you shir shir, run for president and I will vote for you men


Shishir & team - This here is the kind of response to user feedback that’s going to earn you a great deal of loyalty and a bunch of undying fans. You are expressing faith and trust in us as a community, and taking some additional risk in so doing. I believe with all my heart that this careful consideration, along with the huge number of hours you invested in making sure you really understood what was happening for those using your brilliant system, will pay off big time. I, for one, and it seems I’m in good company here, just became a huge fan - besides the genius application you’ve built here, even more so, the care, kindness, and thoughtful inclusion of your customers in your process with such transparency and integrity… seriously - that always deepens my loyalty and appreciation 10x anything else you could do. Thank you, sincerely. :pray:


Simple. Smart. Sensible. I have no reluctance to share or broadly invite new future customers.



I’m just so f-cking happy right now that you listened. Really shows that you care!

Everything is so much better now!

I’m still gonna advocate for rethinking the object limits for the free tier. But now that editors are free, raising those limits is much more affordable with having to upgrade just one maker to Pro.

Again, thank you for listening! It gives me joy to know that our feedback (oftentimes harsh and blunt) was not in vain, and you were actually willing to meet us halfway. Joy and respect.


Back to telling the world about Coda!!!


Well done! That will ensure coda to succeed in the long run!


Goodness Gracious :flushed:!
This is impressive :grin: and absolutely fantastic :grin::tada:!

Thank you very much to all Codan’s Teammates for listening :blush::+1: and the hard work you’ve put into this :blush::+1:!

… just thank you :slight_smile: :bouquet:


Thanks for listening Shishir, @BenLee, @jaime and @JeremyOlson (did I get the right Jeremy?) and other Codans. I will subscribe at the Pro level and enjoy the Cross Docs, but like @Paul_Danyliuk I’ll continue to lobby for unlimited – or at least more liberal allowances of – automations at the Pro level, per my last appeal. I hope adoption takes off!




So smart and so responsive! Really Impressive! You, Shishir and the team, you are creating a community of true fans, it is a movement. Coda is not « just » a new amazing product, it is a new way to make products. You are a real new model and Coda will for sure become a standard. Have you thought about communicating more about how you work, and even more, why not open to contribution - money is not the only solution to grow ? Makers could do more than « just » build docs and it would make sense. I am a French product designer and I would be among the first to help you! I can’t believe I’m the only one who thinks that. Does anyone else feel the same way? :kissing_heart:



Coda is one of those tools that revolutionizes the way people work, and this update makes it even clearer!, Coda still needs some UI improvements, which is something minimal compared to the great functionality it has.

One thing I would love to see in the upcoming updates is the ability to sync 2 documents like master-slave, my use case is as follows: I want to create different workspaces per customer, but keep a copy of the docs in my team workspace.

Also, I’m running a startup, and I suffer the pain of having no investment at the moment, it would be nice if Coda would have special programs for startups, it would truly help us.


Thanks to all the team! You’re amazing! :heart::heart::heart:


Good call Codans! I look forward to the day when Excel is relegated to its proper place as a number-crunching tool only. If you could just add a couple more ways to log in, without the need for a Google account, you will conquer the Enterprise market as well as the small business world!


You guys are amazing :heart:


Amazing decision. That really takes courage as a company! Admire you guys and your decision of putting the users first.

We’ll make it back to you with growth and loyalty


Coda is a new concept. It is an empty canvas, free of crufty chains from the past decades of software concepts.

It’s adoption curve is not the shallowest. You have to adapt your metaphors and ways of thinking, and build amazing things from it

Being so generous with the new price schema is the best possible bet for motivating makers-to-be for seriously testing the new product

I believe that new schema is going to incentive more uses than ever.

What a brave bet, Codans. Congratulations and thank you