Coda Community Solutions Library

Hi all!

The following doc is a collection of community posts that provide various doc solutions. This is a great place to find some ideas for how to build out different things in your doc, or solve problems you’re running into.

What’s a solution?

Solutions can help us solve problems in our doc.

A solution…

  • Solves a problem in a doc
  • Gets you from Point A to Point B
  • Changes the nature/status of an element in the doc

In a nutshell, a solution is an answer to a problem you want to solve in your doc build.

This doc will be periodically reviewed and added to. If you have a solution you want to share with the rest of the community, be sure to add it here!


You will not believe this, but I was thinking five minutes ago that a solution/ topic/ discussion point option was something missing in the Coda community!

Codans reading minds now too?


You have inspired me to get back to my Formula Reference Library!

And then I also found out that the rounding formulas can also take a negative numbers of places, in which case it will round to the nearest 10, 100, etc:

Rambling Pete