Coda got me excited about databases, now what?

Hi everyone!

Coda has gotten me way more excited about databases than I’ve ever been. My company has many scripts running over various databases. Coda has helped me extract the data and manipulate it to get valuable insights.

I have a masters degree in business engineering, that’s a thing in Belgium :wink:
My personal favourite area in this is business process optimisation, Coda has obviously helped A LOT.

Now I want to take this to the next level. An obvious first one would be to learn SQL. But I know that many people here come with a background in development and data science, so why not ask you guys what to do? I’ve been looking into some data science courses, but not sure what to pick.

The goal would be to:

  • Better my understanding of the possibilities of data collection and manipulation
  • Become better at statistical analysis, make quicker and more effective conclusions based on the data at hand
  • Connect my databases to Coda docs (where possible) → this would be a different area of learning more about APIs.

I’m very curious as to what you can recommend learning. And it would be even cooler to get reviews from you guys on actual courses you might have taken online.

Thank you!

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Before you make your decision, also consider in memory databases - they are incredibly fast, and might become the next frontier. Depends on how deep you want to take your journey. Also remember that there are datalakes, which is also a “thing” in big business at the moment.